–Sixth graders return to Flamson and Lewis Middle School beginning Tuesday morning. According to Flamson Principal Tim Vincent, not all of the students will return at once. He says about half of the students attend in the morning. The other half will attend in the afternoon. He says about 17-percent of the students are electing not to return to school. Many of those students have transportation issues.

Flamson’s Tim Vincent.

Vincent says when the students arrive today, they’ll enter through the big doors at the front of Flamson Middle School where they’ll first get their temperature taken. It’s one of several measures taken to safeguard students, staff, and teachers. The drinking fountains have been converted to allow students to get filtered water into a container they will be issued. The desks in the classrooms are spread apart, to reduce the transfer of germs. The school has taken a lot of measures to keep the students apart and the facilities clean.

Sixth graders return to Flamson and Lewis Middle Schools

Principal Tim Vincent’s important message to drivers, “Please slow down around Flamson Middle School and other schools in the North County.”

The school district has received 400 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The district administrators say that’s enough to inoculate the entire staff over the next two weeks.


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