–On Thursday, April 22 from 7–8 p.m., the Paso Robles City Library invites you to create a counted beehive cross stitch piece using a simple cross stitch on Aida cloth. All supplies and instruction are included.

Space is limited. Registration is required for all participants to receive the Zoom meetup information. For ages 16+. The registration deadline is April 15.

For more information about adult programming, contact Adult Services Librarian Karen Christiansen by emailing kchristiansen@prcity.com, or calling (805) 237–3870.

At this time, the Library is open for grab-and-go service Monday-Saturday 9–10 for vulnerable populations; Monday-Friday 10–7 for the general public, and Saturday 10–4 for the general public. Curbside delivery is also available. Call the library at (805) 237–3870 or visit prcity.com/library and the library’s Facebook and Instagram sites for updates.





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