Call Lance’s for the cleanest carpets in Paso Robles

  • Stain removal: Not all stains can be treated the same because not all stains are the same and Lance has the experience and knowledge to permanently remove most stains.
  • Odor removal: Identifies and removes odors, including pet odors and those musty odors that have built up over time.
  • High-quality environmental-friendly cleaning solutions that leave your carpet and the air inside your home or business fresh and free of the smell of cleaning solutions.
  • A sparkling clean and dry carpet.

Pet stains and odors

Tea, coffee and wine stains

Oil-based and grease stains

Water-based stains

Dye and fruit juice stains

All jobs from big to small

  • Residential and commercial carpet cleaning
  • Home window cleaning
  • Office window cleaning
  • Tile and floor cleaning
  • Disinfecting after illness
  • Solar panel cleaning



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