–The California Coastal Commission (CCC) recently voted to ban OHV use at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA). Unanimously approved by all 10 members, the motion would remove all vehicular activity in the park within three years. In addition, a ban on night riding is set to take effect immediately.

This week, the American Sand Association sent out a press release detailing their disapproval of the CCC’s decision. “As one of the most popular riding areas in California, Oceano (also known as Pismo Beach or Pismo Dunes) is a major economic driver on the Central Coast,” writes the ASA. “With a protracted and expensive legal battle over the ODSVRA looming, OHV advocacy organizations need to rely on enthusiasts and businesses for financial and volunteer support…The anti-access groups are not going to simply disappear. They are well-funded with full-time paid staff; some of which are environmental attorneys. If we are to be successful, we will need your support. If we quit, they win.”

In the past, the ASA has lead the effort to defend OHV access at Glamis (Imperial Sand Dunes) which resulted in 40,000 acres of riding area re-opened. The ASA was also one of the lead organizations in preventing proposed closures at Ocotillo Wells and other desert riding areas.

The ASA says it will continue to speak out for the OHV community, and is a member of the Off-Road Vehicle Legislative Coalition, and a founding member of the Ecologic Legal Coalition.



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