-Probate is a legal process during which a court determines the heirs, value, debts, and distribution of a deceased person’s estate. In a probate matter, the court appoints and supervises an executor or administrator to marshal the assets, pay the debts and liabilities, and distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries of the decedent. Typically, a probate is necessary when the assets owned by a decedent outside of a trust are valued at $166,250 or more, so if you own real property in California, the San Luis Obispo probate attorneys from Toews Law Group, Inc.

-While nonprofits can legally merge, the process is different than the merger of a for-profit corporation; in fact, the merger requirements vary depending on the type of nonprofit that is intending to merge and these provisions are set forth in various sections of the California Corporations Code. To help make things less confusing, the nonprofit attorneys from San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc. have summarized the requirements for merging nonprofits in California.

The specific provisions in the California Corporations Code are: sections 6010 et seq. for public benefit corporations, sections 8010 et seq. for mutual benefit corporations, section 9640…

-Recognizing when a parent or other senior relative is starting to need more help than usual is one of the first steps for avoiding a health or life threatening crisis. Elder Placement Professionals, a nationwide service based in San Luis Obispo, CA recently released the report, “The Importance of Getting Ahead of a Crisis” to help seniors and family members plan for important lifestyle changes.

Most seniors stay vital and active well through their lives and take advance charge of the changes that accompany aging. Their common sense tells them to move to a home without stairs if they start…

-Once in a while, it’s nice to have a someone come in and thoroughly clean everything from floor to ceiling, but who has the time or even a vacuum that is powerful enough? The professional water damage team from SERVPRO of Morro Bay / King City has recently released a list of the reasons and benefits for hiring a professional cleaning service.

The leading benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service include:

  • Increasing productivity: When the house is clean, the family is more productive at home. More gets done in the home office, there’s more time for hobbies and creative…

famous sports stars from paso robles

Famous sports stars from Paso Robles

–Paso Robles is no stranger to fame. And, in this series, the Paso Robles Daily News will explore some of the most, ‘Notable Roblans’ throughout history. In this edition, we will explore the athletes and sports stars that have called Paso Robles home or made an impact on Paso Robles.

-Rick Torres, owner of the R.W. Torres Insurance Agency in Solvang, California, has summarized the health insurance options available from State Farm Insurance. “We all know that healthcare is expensive,” said Torres, “and it’s important for everyone to understand all of the options that are available.”

A variety of healthcare plans that meet the needs of individuals, families and senior citizens are available from the R.W. Torres Insurance Agency. Torres believes that summarizing the options makes it easier for people to know what is available, which plans meet their needs, and how those needs are met. The options include:

  • Supplemental…

- “Homeownership is an important part of life,” said Rick Torres, owner of R.W. Torres Insurance Agency in Solvang, “and there are many ways for homeowners to celebrate National Home Ownership Month.”

Both current and aspiring homeowners can set aside time to work on a variety of things, such as:

  • Critical home inspections that preserve property value
  • Renew focus on buying a new home, especially for first-time buyers
  • Review homeowner insurance policies to make sure you have enough coverage

The online real estate journal the firsttuesday Journal, reports that more than 47,000 home sold in California in March 2021, 39-percent…

-California drivers are required to have auto insurance for their vehicle so, find an affordable plan, pay the premiums and don’t worry about it, right? “Not necessarily,” said Rick Torres from the Solvang RW Torres Insurance Agency, “there are many reasons for periodically reviewing auto insurance policies.”

As life changes so can auto insurance requirements. Certain life changes can reduce or increase the policy holder’s liability. No one wants to be involved in a traffic accident and discovering that the auto insurance isn’t enough to cover the costs of an accident adds to the stress. Obviously, adding another vehicle to…

It’s a fact that insurance is necessary for operating a successful business. “Insurance is a smart practice because it protects the business and workers compensation and auto insurance are required.” said Rick Torres from the Solvang RW Torres Insurance Agency, when announcing his recently released “Business Insurance Options for Startups.”

It’s easy to put some decisions on the back burner during the excitement, expenses and stress of starting up a new business, but insurance is not one of those things to delay. Insurance protects the business and the owner’s personal assets and the future of the owner’s family. Even when…

-Owner’s insurance for a condominium unit can be somewhat bewildering because it’s not as straightforward a situation as insuring a single family home on property owned solely by the homeowner. Rick Torres, State Farm Insurance agent in Solvang, CA has recently released a report that helps clarify what condo owner’s insurance covers in relation to what the Homeowner Association master policy covers.

Condo insurance is different than traditional homeowner’s insurance in that it covers loss of personal items and property and provides liability for most events that happen inside the unit. The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) insurance typically focuses on the…

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